Event Recycling & Waste Mgt

When it comes to event sustainability, we bring 30 years and 800 million pounds of recycling and waste management innovation to your venue, ensuring your recyclables aren’t just collected, they’re recycled and turned back into incredibly sustainable products, including products created for your own event. GearedforGreen Sustainable Events® provide an incredible platform not only to reduce your solid waste, but also to educate, raise awareness, and inspire your guests during your event… and for generations after.

Each event has a life of its own, so we customize recycling solutions around the unique needs at each event. We manage all aspects related to your event recycling as part of our turn key on-site recycling & solid waste solutions.

We can either utilize your current solid waste and event maintenance vendors & existing recyclables collection bins, or we can provide new options for you to choose, and provide dedicated onsite support to manage all recycling efforts, before-during-after your event, including our published “GearedforGreen Event Recycling & Sustainability Guidelines”.

We provide recycling solutions for primary waste items including plastic, aluminum, corrugate, and paper, and we can also include secondary waste management solutions including food waste, metals, and even “zero waste” options.

We supply all recycling collection bins, in a number of options for each event, including signage at and around recycling bins that educate & inspire guests. Operationally we provide a Sustainable Event Eco-Education Guidelines & Recycling Toolkit with instructional signage placed at collection points & designated locations to help train and educate your event staff.

UNIFI, a proud eco supply chain partner with GearedforGreen Events®


Collection and chain-of-custody doesn’t end at your event. Using our proprietary “tracer technologies”, we embed data into the recycled plastic resins we produce from your plastic waste, enabling us to trace the entire journey of your recyclables straight through the supply chain … as waste from your event, recycled into sustainable raw materials, turned into yarns, and converted back into brand new apparel, etc.. Chain of custody is important to your event, as it validates your recycling claims, protects you against “green washing”, and provides you with opportunities to educate and inspire your guests, while creating new revenue opportunity for you to sell sustainable products made using your recycled plastic waste.

Our Capabilities

We have more than 30 years and 800 million pounds of “hands on” post-consumer plastic and recycling expertise including; having closed the loop with major brands and retailers, achieved FDA compliancy on recycled post-consumer resins, conducted life cycle assessments to measure post-consumer carbon footprints, obtained sustainable certifications, implemented national reverse logistics and end-of-use recollection programs for post-consumer recyclables used in the market, and have designed, built and operated our own state of the art regional post-consumer plastic recycling facilities. Additionally, we maintain an extensive eco-supply chain network of industry leading service providers including; local and regional private & municipal collection facilities, recycling and technology partners, resin distribution and specialty additive suppliers, ASTM lab support with on-site technical and engineering support, certification and compliance support, and more.

Our team at GearedforGreen Events® is uniquely positioned to help you innovate your event sustainability to even greener levels, utilizing sustainability as your market advantage to improve economic, environmental, and social value.