Your Sustainable Merchandise Shop

GearedforGreen Events® makes it easier than ever to have and host your own in-house Sustainable Merchandise Shop.

Our seamless technology allows you to easily build your own sustainable merchandise shop, built right into your existing website, enabling your staff, volunteers, and event patrons to easily select from an array of sustainable environmentally friendly uniforms and merchandise, made with a variety of your art, logo, and design options on all items.

We help you curate and select your sustainable materials and products, we collaborate with your team and performing artists, athletes, and talent, we upload your selected logo, art, and designs for easy use, we build and upload your store (right on your event website) for your staff and patrons to easily select and purchase their sustainable event merchandise at their leisure, and we seamlessly fulfill every order for you on your behalf.

Having your own sustainable merchandise shop also enables you to close-your-loop, connecting your plastics recycling initiatives at your events, with hi performance sustainable merchandise made from your plastic waste sold at your events. It’s an ideal platform to enhance your events sustainable education and awareness outreach, and showcase the journey of your plastic bottles collected from events, then recycled into sustainable yarns, and right back into sustainable apparel and merchandise, inspiring patrons during your events… and for generations long after.

More than 80% of consumers in America are aware of climate change, ocean plastic waste, and environmental issues associated with single use plastic packaging. Adding your own sustainable merchandise shop for your event is a great way to show your commitment to our environment, and to connect “sustainable purpose” with your staff, volunteers, and patrons.

To learn more about your own sustainable merchandise shop, please contact us @ [email protected].