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Total Event Sustainability Solutions

GearedforGreen Events® specializes in sustainability solutions for large and medium sized events nationwide. We provide “chain of custody” recycling, education and awareness, experiential sustainability, and we close the loop with event apparel and merchandise made from recycled and sustainable plastics we collect at events.

Since 1989, our team at GearedforGreen has been passionately involved in sustainability, recycling, circular economy, and eco supply chains, helping brand owners, retailers, manufacturers, and others to re-think and re-image sustainability. We’ve recycled over 800 million pounds of plastic waste, supplied close to one billion pounds of sustainable raw materials used to make new products and packaging, and helped solve some of the most challenging waste problems.

We created GearedforGreen Events® to help event holders nationwide to implement more impactful sustainability solutions that improve economic, environmental, and social value.

Recycling & Sustainability

Our goal for events is zero waste. We implement comprehensive “chain of custody” recycling programs in order to increase recycling rates and ensure that all of the recyclables collected at events “actually get recycled”. We provide a full selection of recycling collection bin options and manage the entire recycling supply chain, from recyclables generated at the event, to sustainable raw materials produced at recycling mills, to new products made from 100% recycled materials.

As an enhanced recycling option for large events that generate sustantial amounts of waste and recyclable materials, our Green 53-foot eco-sort trailer is a game changer. Our portable onsite auto sorting & baling trucks are delivered onsite to large events, fully equipped with built in conveyors, bulk handling systems, recyclables separation technology, multi chamber balers, and more. Event recyclables go in the front door comingled and out the back door as segregated plastic & aluminum bales ready for direct chain-of-custody transportation from each event to our mills for recycling. The result is increased revenue and decreased cost. It’s as easy as that!

Education and Inspiration

We believe that education and inspiration are the pillars to successful sustainability, so our event initiatives are geared to educate and inspire guests during events and for generations to come. We provide a full selection of recycling signage options placed by recycling collection bins and around events, used to inform staff as well as educate and inspire guests. Additionally, we create customizable experiential sustainability installations, including eco-art, interactive games, and eco-apparel customization stations, that enable guests to “learn, experience, and personalize” sustainability first-hand and bring home sustainable products to inspire others long after the event is over.

Closing the Loop

An invaluable component to successful event sustainability is Closing-the-loop, so we turn the plastic waste generated at events, into new merchandise used and sold at events, including our greenGEAR eco tees, hats, volunteer and staff gear, reusable water bottles and countless other products. 

Closing the loop goes way beyond a catch phrase, helping to educate & inspire guests and staff by showing them the “journey of their recyclables”, from plastic bottles collected at events, turned into sustainable raw materials and back into brand new sustainable gear used by staff, volunteers and guests. Closing the loop also creates strong partnerships throughout your supply chain and helps increase recycling rates by balancing supply and demand.


Our team at GearedforGreen has been involved in plastics, recycling, sustainability, and circular economy since 1989. Over that time we’ve solved some of the most challenging waste issues and developed “know how”, resources, tools, and relationships throughout the sustainability supply chain to help our clients succeed greener!

We’ve created new recycling technologies; designed, built, and operated state of the art equipment and recycling facilities; recycled over 800 million pounds of plastic waste; supplied close to one billion pounds of sustainable raw materials to help manufacturers make products more sustainably; created plastic & corrugated packaging solutions via recycling, design, and reuse; executed national reverse logistics and end of use programs; measured carbon footprints via life cycle analysis and achieved FDA compliancy for post-consumer plastics; closed the loop in national retail circular economies, helped launch sustainable products and brands, implemented social partnerships including ocean plastic waste and Lives per pound™; and provided valuable market data, educational and environmental outreach campaigns.

Our Focus is sustainability. Our Mission is implement internal operational solutions that help our clients to operate more sustainably, and also external market solutions that educate, raise awareness, and inspire!