Sustainable Events Educate and Inspire

Stats that matter

Did you know that 65% of consumers are more concerned with ocean plastic waste as compared to 58% concerned with climate change? Market studies confirm 31% of consumers are “aware” of plastic issues, and more importantly, 34% of consumers are now “activated”, meaning they are making purchasing decisions based on a product, brand, retailer, or venue’s commitment to sustainability.

Consumers want to know what you are doing with respect to sustainability, and more than 50% have actually altered their purchasing decisions toward products that demonstrate sustainability & social purpose.

Signage throughout your event

When it comes to recycling and sustainability awareness, the goal is to both educate & inspire.

We create and provide eco-educational and instructional signage options. These can be placed at recycling collection bin stations educating your guests and staff so they properly participate in recycling. Keeping the quality of your recyclables is important to ensuring that the recyclables collected at your event actually get recycled. Too much contamination may cause your recyclables to go right to a landfill.

Showcasing the “journey of your recyclables” from the recycling bin all the way back into new sustainable products, including event merchandise and volunteer gear, is a great way to inspire both your staff & guests.

Merchandise shop signage & displays

Providing sustainable merchandise options for your guests, like eco-tees, eco-hats, and reusable water bottles, is an incredible way to showcase your commitment to sustainability. It also helps you to close-the-loop by selling merchandise that’s made from the plastic bottles collected at your event. Today more than 50% of all apparel products are made using plastic, ie polyester, so transitioning to sustainable event apparel is easier than ever! Also, by purchasing sustainable merchandise for your event, you also play a big part in support of increased recycling rates… think “supply & demand”. We create and provide an array of merchandise shop signage and display options that can be placed in your merchandise shops to educate and inspire your guests to be green.

Experiential sustainability

Experiential Sustainability Stations are a great way to showcase your commitment to sustainability in a fun and interactive manner, enabling guests to experience sustainability themselves.

Eco-tee shirt customization stations showcase the journey of plastic recycling, showing plastic bottles recycled into chip, spun into fiber, yarn, and fabrics, and then made into incredibly soft comfy tees. Guests can buy eco-tees right at your event and have them customized & personalized with an array of eco-art and designs, via heat press and patches.

Experiential sustainability is a great way to inspire your guests while they are at your event, and for generations after.