Sustainable Events Portable Onsite Equipment

Large events create large amounts of waste and recyclables and require large solutions… Introducing Gearedforgreen Events® portable onsite auto sorting & baling recycling solution! “It’s Your Recyclables. Let’s Create Value”.

How it works

We deliver our Green 53 foot eco-sort trailer direct to your event. Our portable onsite auto sorting & baling equipment is fully equipped with built in conveyors, bulk handling systems, recyclable materials separation technology, multi chamber balers, and more. Your event recyclables go in the front doors comingled and go out the back doors as segregated plastic & aluminum bales, ready for direct chain-of-custody transportation from your event to our mills for recycling. It’s as easy as that.

How you benefit

Large events generate large amounts of waste and recyclables. Traditionally these materials get hauled away from your event, transported by your waste vendor to either a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting and baling, or in too many instances, they are sent to the landfill. In either case, you lose “chain-of-custody”, value, and opportunity.

Before: Economically, event holders typically receive minimal if any financial rebate for the value of their recyclables and instead pay their waste vendor a combined hauling charge plus landfill tipping fees to haul away recyclables from the event. Both environmentally and socially, event holders miss out on opportunity & value from their recycling efforts. They have limited “chain-of-custody” knowledge of what happens to their recyclable materials once they get hauled away from their event.
Will they go to a landfill? If they get recycled, what new products will they get recycled into?… This is a missed opportunity to raise social awareness around recycling.

After: GearedforGreen Events® portable onsite auto sorting & baling systems enable large event holders to increase economic, environmental, and social value, by reducing their hauling and landfill cost, plus generate revenue from the value of their recyclable materials. Also, event holders gain opportunity to educate and inspire guests with experiential eco-event activations. They can share the journey of plastic bottles through the supply chain, converted into raw materials and back into new sustainable products. Guests can see, touch, and even buy, event merchandise, eco-tee’s, eco-volunteer uniforms, and more.